Henri Rousseau. The Sleeping Gypsy. 1897 16

Oil on canvas, 51" x 6' 7" (129.5 x 200.7 cm). Gift of Mrs. Simon Guggenheim

Narrator: This painting by artist Henri Rousseau shows a mysterious scene. Where is this woman, and why is there a lion with her? Look closely at the painting. What clues can you find?

Kid voice 1: It’s nighttime—the stars and the moon are out.

Kid voice 2: It looks like a desert, but there’s water behind them.

Kid voice 1: How did she even get there? I don’t see any footprints.

Kid voice 2: She’s got an instrument with her, maybe she’s a musician?

Narrator: And what about that lion? Is he going to eat her? Or is he here to protect her?

Narrator: Maybe the lion is part of the woman’s dream as she sleeps. Or, maybe the woman is in the lion’s dream!

Narrator: Oh, sorry!

What do you think will happen next?

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