Amanda Williams. Color(ed) Theory Suite. 2014-16 23

Pigmented inkjet print, 22 × 30" (55.9 × 76.2 cm). Fund for the Twenty-First Century

Artist, Amanda Williams: Hi, I'm Amanda Williams. I'm a visual artist from Chicago.

As an African-American person I started this project as I do most projects, trying to ask a question about color.

Narrator: For this project, Amanda painted houses that no one lived in anymore. She chose colors that reminded her of products she grew up with. Orange for Cheetos. Red from the sign of a chicken restaurant. For Amanda, painting each house made it feel special again – something that could be remembered forever.

Amanda Williams: Most of these houses are now gone.

Narrator: She didn’t get permission, so she had to sneak around and work quickly. Amanda brought her family and friends to help her.

Amanda Williams: So we’d go out early on Sunday mornings. We'd work until we either ran out of paint or somebody complained. And then some days we’d go get pancakes, and we’d get ready to do it again.

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