Evangelos Kotsioris on the United Nations Building Facade

In advance of United Nations Day on October 24 and the UN’s 75th anniversary, a curator talks about the innovations and imperfections in the facade of the UN building.
Oct 23, 2020
It has about 63 years of being exposed to the elements, to the salt water on the East River, so every scratch and every dent has a kind of story behind it.
Evangelos Kotsioris

In our latest online edition of MoMA’s ArtSpeaks program, a member of our staff shares personal impressions of an artwork in the galleries. Here, Evangelos Kotsioris, curatorial assistant in the Department of Architecture and Design, looks at a section of the curtain-wall facade of the UN Secretariat Building, noting its innovations, imperfections, and the effects of 60-plus years of weather, grit, and grime.

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