In our latest online edition of MoMA’s ArtSpeaks program, a member of our staff shares personal impressions of an artwork in the galleries. Here, Samantha Friedman, associate curator in the Department of Drawings and Prints, talks about a pair of Yayoi Kusama works featured in the exhibition Degree Zero: Drawing at Midcentury. In Infinity Nets (1951) and Accumulation (1952), Friedman sees hopeful symbols of our ability to start afresh even in the darkest times.

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In keeping with the theme of Degree Zero, which highlights artists’ use of drawing to forge new visual languages, we pay tribute to Jason Polan, whose drawings captured the life and art of New York City in new and exciting ways. Jason drew over 30,000 New Yorkers—including many MoMA visitors—as well as every piece of art on view in the Museum. Read a tribute to Jason’s life on Magazine.

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UNIQLO and The Museum of Modern Art share a deep and rich history with our dear friend Jason Polan. This month, we are coming together to honor Jason’s life and legacy through the #World’s Biggest Drawing Club. To learn more about Jason’s art, we invite you to explore @EverythingJasonPolan on Instagram.

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