While we have recognized the need to update booking access to the Circulating Film Library for several years, events in 2020 have hastened a planned transition of CIRC operations into our current film loan program. We will be taking the next six months to evaluate inventory, re-inspect all 16mm prints, and reimagine how we can continue to keep this historic collection accessible for many years to come. As a result of this process, we will be unable to rent or loan these prints until July 2021. Please note that we are also unable to provide digital copies.

We appreciate your understanding, and will update these pages as more information becomes available. Please email us at [email protected] with any questions or concerns.


Established in 1935 to collect films that illustrate the historic and artistic development of motion pictures and to establish the medium as a major art form, the Circulating Library initially included a circulating collection available at reasonable rates to colleges, museums, and other educational institutions. This has since been expanded to include regional and international film festivals, individual collectors, and other film organizations. The Circulating Library also provides the unique service of offering access to works by important independent filmmakers, works that would otherwise not be readily available. Although the Circulating Library has always had a widely varied collection, including early silent films, important documentaries, avant-garde and independent works, animation, and video art, an effort has been made in recent years to strengthen certain areas and to make more titles available to a wider film community. This effort has led to the inclusion of important works by and about artists such as Andy Warhol, Richard Serra, Yoko Ono, and Robert Smithson.